Stages of work

The project is spread over the years 2015-2017.


Archaeological work on the rural settlements in the region surrounding Třebel. Relevant historical evidence will be collated and entered into a database, accompanied by a broader study of published and unpublished literature on the impacts of the Thirty Years’ War on the Czech Lands. Geographical data connected with the study area will also be digitized from historic maps in preparation for use by GIS software. The initial interdisciplinary analyses of iconographic sources on Cheb and Třebel in 1647. Identification of localities suitable for collection of paleobotanical and palynological samples.


Archival research will continue together with a study of comparative literature regarding the impacts of the Thirty Years’ War. Field works will be focused on the sites of deserted villages located at the battlefield of Třebel and GIS analysis of data concerning the war impact on settlement patterns. Interdisciplinary analyses of iconographic sources (Cheb, Třebel, Teplá) will proceed with comparing to other suitable localities. Cartographic outputs will be prepared for an interactive map server. Paleobotanical sampling in the Třebel area. An international conference "Transformations of Landscape in the time of the Thirty Years’ War".


Conclusion of the project and dissemination of findings. The conference proceedings and also a research monograph focusing on the 1647 Swedish army campaign in will be published. Digital mapping will be completed and put into operation on a map server with a multivariable database containing the results of the research.